1. You will find Computer, English, G.K, Maths, and Reasoning and complete trial test after login your account.
  2. A candidate has only two chance to attempting the individual tests and complete tests daily.
  3. For every test the guideline is following:-
    1. For Individual Exam
      In this section you can practice for Individual exam like English, GK, Maths, Reasoning etc. You will be given minimum 5 minutes and maximum 45 minutes to solve this exam. You can also give time limit of your own choice in textbox shown below between 5 minutes to 45 minutes.
    2. For Complete Trial Exam
      In this section you can attempt all subjects of selected exam. When you start this exam you will be given tabs divided by subject name. You can choose subject from given tab and solve the exam. You can also switch from one tab to another tab at any time during time limit. The time limit is minimum 60 minutes and maximum 120 minutes to solve this exam. You can also give your choice for time limit in textbox shown below.
    3. After clicking the submit button, the candidate will get his result after deduction.

Our Team

Mr. D.K. Saxena
Mr. D.K. Saxena

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Mr. Inder Pal Singh